Sailboats for sale at Band of Boats

The acquisition of a boat has been often the conclusion of the dream of many boaters, particularly novices, who enter the pleasures of the desire of boating and yachting. Which sailboat to choose for the sailing of your visions? Here are someinstructions to guide your research and find the boat that best fits your folder and your budget.Band of Boats refers to over 6,000 sailboat manufacturers around the world. To help you find the vessel that will take you to the seas, we have established a section devoted to "my ideal boat". It will help you pilot your way through this rich variety of designs.

Opting for a boat suitable for its navigation program

The crush that one can have at the eyesight of a boat on a set of confidential advertisements or moored in a marina can quickly turn to the tribulation if it does not correspond finally with its program of navigation. Motor, sail or mixed sail-engine, coastal sailing, sailing, racing and race: the first thing to describe well is what you want to do with your boat. A good tip: the different choices of the navigation program well thought out ... are to be avoided!

What model for which basin of navigation?

Once the navigation program is well clear, the question to ask is about its navigation washbasin. Will you choose a portable boat or not? If the boat is not transportable, or will is moored or stored? From this question will ultimately depend on the type of unit chosen, a boat, whether sailing or motor will indeed not be the same as one navigates in the Mediterranean.

Permit essential

Although it is not mandatory when you have a sailboat not equipped with VHF, the license seems essential to control your boat. With VHF, it will be necessary for the skipper of a sailboat to hold either the coastal option pleasure license or the restricted radiotelephone operator's certificate.

The smaller boats open the pleasures of navigation for everyone. You will find sailboats for sale of wide choices for less than 10 000 €. You alone will be able to perceive the charm of each boat, but Band of Boats evaluated the sailboats according to the criteria that make the boats popular boaters. So you'll find comfort, luxury, performance or regatta ratings. They will help you to orient your research according to your budget.

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