Ways of fixing up your Spa

In your spa project, the dressing is the final touch. You should know that the hull and the covering are the two main parts of the assembly of most of the spas available on the market. The spa shell or tub jacuzzi designates the interior space thereof; the casing, in turn, largely determines the appearance of your spa by giving it stability and facilitating its integration into the chosen room. But, the dressing can also modify the jacuzzi price ...

When do you need a spa covering?

Above-ground spas mainly need a covering. However, there are spa models that offer the shell and cladding together. The latter can become a selection criterion but also raise prices according to its design. Indeed, the degree of finish of a spa will depend on the dressing. It is possible to purchase only the spa shell and customize the skin to give a more luxurious look.

What skin to choose?

The coating determines the appearance and integration of your spa in the room dedicated to it. Your choice will depend on the final appearance you want to give your spa, its maintenance, and the budget you have. From the simplest to the most luxurious, here are the different types of spa covers:

PVC coverings: they can take different styles and colors, are resistant, light and their maintenance is reduced to the strict minimum.
Wood coverings: they keep heat longer, will require more or less maintenance and are more expensive than PVC coverings.
The mosaic covers: they are perfectly water resistant, are well suited to swim spas and overflow spas, and are the most expensive because they are meticulously made.
The covers for inflatable spas

Inflatable spas have the advantage of being cheaper; however, they often look too classic and unattractive. On the market, you can find specific covers for this type of spa to make them more luxurious. The proposed coverings blend perfectly with the shape of the spa. In most cases, they are made of wood and form real relaxation platforms which are ideal for decorating your relaxation area at a lower cost.

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