The accessories to add to a home jacuzzi

An ideal spa pack for the home comes with a variety of programs, state-of-the-art technology, but also accessories that allow this spa robustness and well-being to savor.

A spa in good quality

The spa that is the most requested in this summer season is the one with inflatable character. The spa is available in packs and every detail is taken seriously so that nothing escapes us. Highly resistant, it is made of laminated PVC capable of withstanding punctures and pressure of 1,400 kg of 4 adults and 800 liters of water. The four pressurized air outlet jets can be directed to the area to be massaged. You can activate or adjust the jet, as well as the temperature of the water. You can lie on the spa wall without fear of stretching or distortion. With a modern spa, you'll have a totally personalized relaxation bath at your fingertips.

A true corner of relaxation and well-being at home

For the home jacuzzi line, we have design solutions that adapt to your preferences, trying to satisfy all the desires of well-being. The concept of each project adapts to the needs of each household. They enrich domestic spaces, sometimes little used to get a little piece of paradise.

Drink holders

A spa can be adorned with several accessories to accentuate its effect well-being. You can add glass or bottle holders. Perfectly adaptable drink holders on the edge of your spa or a towel rack.

Cushions for a headrest

The spas are designed to put themselves in full comfort, it is the need to put the poses heads at each place arranged for a spa. Cushions and seats prepared to be fixed and not moving during use, until you find the best position in the water.

The parts that deserve a watchful eye are the filters. So, it is recommended to clean it once a month depending on the frequency of a spa uses.

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