Hydrotherapy, relaxation and bubbles

The benefits of a spa tub session on your body and mind depend on following the different thermal conditions and health conditions of the user. The welfares of a spa are both psychological and physiological. Good for the body and mind, since it combines the effects of hydrotherapy, relaxation and relief from stress and anxiety by the bubbles.

The role of Bubbles

The spa launches thousands of bubbles to fight against stress and anxiety: plunge into a hot bath, caressed with thousands of small bubbles of oxygen immediately gives a feeling of well-being and relaxation. This relaxing effect is an anti-stress guaranteed after a day of work or to forget his daily worries.

The spa plays the role in Hydrotherapy

  • It is a cure for insomnia, because a spa session before going to bed provides a deep relaxation of the body (thanks to the action of massage jets) and the mind (the effects of hydrotherapy) that facilitates falling asleep.

  • The spa eliminates toxins through hydromassage jets that stimulate blood circulation, which facilitates the elimination of toxins accumulated by the body.

  • It cleans the skin, for example the heat of the water, combined again with the action of the jets, dilates the pores. The skin is naturally cleansed. Ideal when you have dermatological problems like acne or eczema.

  • It fights cellulite for example palpate-rolling, you know? Good news! The effects of the hydromassage jets are similar. Stimulation of blood circulation coupled with lymphatic drainage facilitates the melting of fat and firm tissue.

  • In general, balneotherapy also acts on digestive disorders and heavy legs.

  • The spa helps you to relax

Like muscle relaxation: stiffness in the neck, contractures, lower back pain. Many back problems can be relieved by a spa session. The ideal is to talk about it beforehand with your doctor or physiotherapist, who will guide you more precisely on how you can use the massage jets.

Finally, you now have all the information you need to fully enjoy your spa. And especially make attention to the setting of the temperature of the spa water.

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