Choosing a spa: our advice to avoid making mistakes

All hot tubs sale models are attractive and of high quality. Which often makes the selection difficult. However, the fact that everyone has their needs, preferences and budgets are factors to consider in making the right choice.

How to choose your spa?

The most important thing to consider will be regarding the installation of the spa. Indeed, you should not buy a spa whose characteristics do not allow you to install it at home. First, then, choose between an exterior or interior installation.

For the interior model, the constraints will be more numerous. The ventilation of the room should be done easily. On the other hand, your floor must meet technical standards to support the weight of the whole. A professional will be happy to help you find out if installation is possible in your home. It is the same concerning the pipes of the plumbing and the current wires, your site will have to ensure their connection.

For a cheap jacuzzi, installing it outside will be less restrictive. Either way, determine the spa accessories and parts according to your budget.

What are the different types of spa?

There are many installation options available to you. Depending on your preference, you can choose between:

The recessed or semi-recessed design: it is very robust, luxury and customizable. Thus, it costs more than the others.
The portable model: which can only be placed on the floor and be moved around as you wish, even on vacation.
The swim spa: it combines both pool and spa, allowing you to practice sports and relax at the same time.
The inflatable spa: as the sound indicates, it can be inflated and deflated according to your needs. Easy to transport and install, it is very convenient.
If you have a plan to install a spa in your home, it is best to be assisted by a professional or a manufacturer. His advice will keep you satisfied in the end.

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