The perfect insulation for the spa

When you have decided to take the plunge and buy a jacuzzi or a spa for sale, you must take the time to check several elements such as the water pipes, the electrical connections, but more importantly also the insulation of the spa: it is a key part of your pond. Several websites will tell you how necessary it is to have good insulation when using a hot tub, including the Tropicspa website.

The importance of insulation for a hot tub and spa

For the good functioning in general of your spa, it is very important to have a resistant insulation because this guarantees the good functioning of the heating of the water of your bath and limits as much as possible the small plumbing problems, it also allows to keep the water in your pond at the right temperature which reduces the expenditure due to the energy that you will consume. But do not forget the concern of thermal shock, that is to say that the shells that are poorly insulated are therefore less resistant and this can give rise to cracks all along the tub of your jacuzzi.

The different types of insulation for your pool

The manufacturers initially offer two insulation systems: - insulation with a simple reflective aluminum foil which is therefore placed between the casing of the spa and the shell, the cost of the latter is quite low but it is not not always very effective against the plumbing concerns caused by the temperature difference, - we also use the insulating foam which integrates the plumbing within it so it protects the different pipes from temperature differences and thus reduces the risk of leaks, it reduces noise pollution due to the circulation of water, it is simply necessary to specify that the price is a little higher.

However we can find other form of insulation such as for example a plastic shell which is made in one piece or the use of an insulating cover which prevents the evaporation of water and the decrease in temperature. of the water in your pool, so that solution to have a good insulation for your jacuzzi.

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