Installing a spa at home: A luxury now affordable

Well-being is no longer reserved only for beauty institutes! With the new models of whirlpool tubs, massages, relaxing bubble jets and other cascades of benefits come to your home. Do you want to equip your house or apartment with a spa?

Minimize running costs

The price of the spa is not the only point to take into account in your budget: keep in mind that its cost of operation is also important. In order to control it, check the quality of the spa's insulation (to reduce heat loss) as well as the energy consumption of the machinery. To give you an idea, know that the cost of running a well-designed spa should not exceed one euro per day.

Little tip: put a blanket on the spa when not in use, which will prevent water evaporation and heat loss.

Check the lift of your slab

Before investing, check that your floor is capable of supporting the weight of the whirlpool / spa jacuzzi device. A spa weighs between 300 and 600 kg on average. The weight of the water and the occupants then adds an additional one to three tonnes, depending on the size of the model chosen, of course.

The average weight supported by the ground therefore varies from 400 to 600 kg / m2, even though the load-bearing capacity of a traditional slab is of the order of 250 to 300 kg / m2. Finally, you absolutely must have a stable and level surface in order to distribute the load optimally.

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