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Do not put just any product in your spa!

The Spa is the equivalent of relaxation and well-being of mind and body, in an atmosphere of luxury and comfort. It is a favored place to take care of yourself through treatments, beauty treatments and relaxation.

Maintenance is one of the essential components of the management of your indoor Jacuzzi, indeed it is very easy to acquire crystal clear water if you follow the dosages and a suitable frequency of water treatment.
A wide range of products including all products are available on the market to maintain healthy and quality water, as well as to purify your spa right down to the pipes and in every nook and cranny.

Products to favor for spa care and maintenance

In order for the water in your indoor jacuzzi to be of quality, it must be properly filtered, moderate and purified. In fact, the water in spas must be chemically managed in such a way as to remain healthy for the users. The calibrated use of water correcting products keeps spa water cleaner longer, while protecting it from harmful bacteria and mold growth.

The disinfectant purifies the water by destroying the microorganisms that occur in it. This is essential for good hygiene and for the health of spa beneficiaries. Chlorine has a pretty bad reputation. However, it is a very good disinfectant, as long as the prescribed dosage is followed. It is the most powerful treatment and the least expensive. With chlorine or bromine, you must continually intercede to add products to the water.

Always chemically treat your jacuzzi after and never immediately before use. It is recommended not to use the jacuzzi for at least 8 hours after spilling chemicals.

Finally, it is recommended to continually drain and refill the spa every three to four months, depending on the frequency of use.

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